April 8-11, 2024

Joint Solar Orbiter, Parker Solar Probe, and DKIST Meeting

Joint Solar Orbiter, Parker Solar Probe, and DKIST Meeting

The joint Solar Orbiter, Parker Solar Probe, and Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST) meeting will take place in San Antonio, TX from Monday April 8 to Thursday April 11, 2024. The combined capabilities of these three observatories provide the scientific community unique resources with which to gain insight into the Sun and its effects on Earth. Timed to coincide with and include a viewing of the 2024 Solar Eclipse, the workshop’s goal is to discuss coordinated science that these observatories can jointly accomplish. The workshop’s outcome will be a clear understanding of synergies between the science enabled by the joint efforts of these three observatories and the ways collaborations between them can drive major key advances in Heliophysics.

Solar Eclipse 2024 Science Organizing Committee

Solar Orbiter

Stefano Livi
Alessandro Liberatore
Chris Owen
Sue Lepri
Milan Maksimovic
Luca Teriaca
David Berghmans


Daniel Muller
Yannis Zouganelis

NASA PS team

Teresa Nieves
David Lario

Parker Solar Probe

Nour E. Raouafi 
Adam Szabo
Trevor Bowen 
Tejaswita Sharma
Michael Stevens 
Phillip Hess


Alexandra Tritschler 
Lucas Tarr
Serena Criscuoli 
David (Dato) Kuridze
Maria Kazachenko

Local Organizing Committee

Stefano Livi
Ben Alterman
Dhiren Kataria
Michelle Valero
Diana Pulido


Courtyard San Antonio SeaWorld/Westover Hills
11605 State Hwy 151
+1 210 509 3700

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